Verticals of Xeina


Xeina Drugs has taken a focused approach by organizing a team of experts with relevant industry expertise under each vertical. This has led to the creation of enhanced value for our clients who are looking for very specific and highly technical products.


Caters to all the licensing and supply requirements across the therapeutic spectrum.


A front-end operation with marketing, sales and own branding in India focused purely on facial aesthetics.


Focuses on the licensing of Biosimilars, liposomal technology products and nanotechnology products.

Our Vision

We aspire to make unique finished dosage forms
accessible to the emerging markets.

Values That Drive Us

We are driven by values inculcated in the very DNA of our organization

What Differentiates Us

With our valuable network of high quality manufacturers, we offer highly specialized products like biosimilars, liposomal technology products, nanotechnology products and orphan drugs. Apart from these highly specialized products, we offer finished dosage formulations in select therapeutic categories like cardiovasculars, neuropsychiatry, pain management and anti diabetes.

At Xeina, we are committed to providing products of the highest quality standards. All products that we offer are manufactured at EU / USFDA approved sites and are bioequivalent to the innovator products. We also ensure quality of the documentation of the products. With our in depth regulatory understanding of various emerging markets, we ensure that we only offer those products that are complying with the dossier guidelines of that country, thereby saving time in the commercial negotiation process. We do not represent any company that does not comply with these two minimum quality requirements of EU / USFDA certification and Bioequivalence studies.

Xeina Drugs has an extensive network of clients across Latin America, Asia Pacific and Russia CIS. In Latin America, Xeina Drugs is focused on Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile. With the high regulatory complexity in Brazil and Mexico, Xeina’s detailed understanding of Anvisa and Cofepris serves as an added advantage in the project management and dossier preparation stage which results in faster dossier submission. In Asia Pacific, Xeina is working with clients in Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia. Our clients have a strong presence across both prescription and tender markets – be in it government or insurance tender. Russia CIS has become a mainstay of Xeina’s foray into direct on ground presence. Through joint ventures, Xeina now has its own on ground front end presence in Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova and a licensing office in Russia focused on tech transfer projects.

Our Key Differentiators:
  • We offer first entry generics and super specialty products like biosimilars, liposomal and nanotechnology products
  • All products that we offer are manufactured at EU / USFDA approved sites and have bioequivalence studies (oral formulations)
  • We have an extensive network across Latin America, Asia Pacific & Russia CIS to serve all emerging market requirements