What We Offer


Xeina Drugs enables its clients to achieve a dominant position in the market place by bringing difficult to manufacturer and rare drugs to their portfolio. With increasing R&D costs and risk of product failures, there is a limitation on the new product launches a company can undertake year on year. At Xeina Drugs, we understand the need to constantly enhance the portfolio and through our extensive network and distribution channels we can add value to your portfolio.

We help you attain quicker reach to achieve and sustain market leadership by capitalizing on our EU /USFDA approved manufacturing network across Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Israel, India, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and USA. We work with flexible business models and can offer products as a finished product, Bulk product or technology transfer, as the need may be.

Our In depth regulatory understanding contributes to a smooth dossier preparation and dossier filing process. We aid in enhancing the speed of Marketing Authorizations approvals by leveraging our experience in submitting comprehensive dossiers and preempting dossier queries. We also offer project management services for countries with a high complex regulatory framework (Brazil, Mexico, Russia).

Xeina is in a strategic position to offer end to end consultancy services in the pharmaceutical spectrum, right from strategy to execution. Xeina Drugs offers consultancy services covering a wide spectrum of marketing and business areas. With its team of highly experienced industry professionals, Xeina offers consultancy services for portfolio Identification, market and product analysis and entry strategies for emerging markets. Xeina also offer services on a retainer model to become the exclusive sourcing partners for international companies who wish to have a base in India to expedite their sourcing requirements, target the special import business vertical where price and speed are of critical importance as well as to get the first right of refusal of our specialized products.

The Advantage We Offer:
  • Long term sustainability in sales revenues for manufacturers looking at out – licensing their products in emerging markets through high value clients with secured payments.
  • Differentiated products and first entry generics from vetted, pre - audited manufacturing sources for clients looking at in – licensing products to expand their portfolio and gain competitive advantage in their market
  • Consultancy services from strategy to execution for companies looking at exponential growth and value creation

Why Partner with Xeina


Xeina Drugs offers high end, specialized products ahead of the competition. Our clients can rely on us to enhance their business ideas, bring high quality affordable pharmaceutical formulations to the market ahead of competition, overcome formulation difficulties and speed up marketing authorization approvals.

As a manufacturer, your need of the hour is to expand your footprint across the markets with reliable partners, with long term symbiotic partnerships to give you secured payments, an established presence across a region - be it Latin America, Asia Pacific or Russia CIS and accurate on-ground real-time market information enabling you to make your formulation and manufacturing efforts yield the desired results in sales revenues. Xeina Drugs offers you a spectrum of highly established and dominant players in these regions - clients with whom Xeina has over a decade long relationship with to ensure the committed volumes transcend into actual sales.

As a client in a specific country – be it a local pharmaceutical manufacturing company, a distribution company or a pharmacy chain, being the first generic in the market takes you a step ahead of the competition. Having a portfolio of differentiated products adds value to your brand equity. Xeina drugs is the company to bring that for you. With licensing rights of highly specialized products that have been granted to Xeina, it is in a unique position to bring to you not just products in your wish list, but newer products which are first generics in the world. Through Xeina’s efforts of constantly securing licensing rights of such specialized products, you get access to a unique portfolio from manufacturing companies that have been pre-audited by Xeina for technical compliance with the regulatory requirements of your country, thereby greatly speeding up the process for dossier submissions.

You benefit from us, as we:
  • Increase your therapeutic coverage with licensing and supply of specialized products
  • Facilitate “Speed to market” product launches by offering First entry generics
  • Apply market intelligence to identify and suggest new additions to your portfolio
  • Capitalize on our EU/ USFDA approved manufacturing network across Europe, India, Korea and USA for in-licensing and out-licensing
  • Our proprietary "RAPID XEINA EVENT" intervention helps in quickly designing business processes, facilitating changes, and delivering incredibly fast results